Portfolio - A short overview

Here you can find a collection of all jobs that I've done already, designed or scripted.

They are divided in the next categories:

  • Full webdesign: the design of a full site and maintainance
  • Redesign: redesign of an existing site
  • Tweaks: make some minor changes in the code (different reasons)

Full webdesign

Screenshot: Short description
The site of KOHA.be is strictly seen not a real website, but it can be merely considered as an intranet or web application, where authorised people can fill in reports, watch them and do more things.

This site is an idea of Pol Van Iseghem, president of the Court of Commerce of Ypres and Furnes, with the main principle to streamline the obligatory anually report of the progress on a bankrupcy of a company. This site contains thus several tools to guide this in a good way.
Built with: XHTML 1.0 Transitional en PHP, AJAX where suited. A Cron is used to perform checks.
Version: 2
This is the website from the Belgian section of the International Union of Magistrats. It is mostly ment for members to read the latest reports, subscribe for lunches, meetings etc. The site is complete in Dutch, French, but only partially finished in English and German, since the translations for it are missing.
Website built with: XHTML 1.0 Transitional and PHP
Version: 2
A website for a vacation house in the South of France. The site is complete finished in Dutch, French, German and English. For the third version Jonas Wattel made a new design and the overview table was replaced with a "showroom" using lightbox.
Website built with: XTML 1.0 Transitional and PHP
Version: 3
A new initiative from me. A lot of people get mails from "Russian women" that want to get in touch... Design by Jonas Wattel.
Website built with: XHTML 1.0 Transitional, PHP.
Version: 1
The sites below aren't accessible anymore due to various reasons.
Lawyer Verfaillie had a website in mind in Dutch and French, to be able to let her inform her clients, and the clients had to be able to contact her easy.
Website built with: HTML 4.1 Transitional and PHP
Version: 2
A tiny website for a Dutch Runescape&tm; clan, that was made for free and was hosted on our servers.
Website built with: HTML 4.1 Transitional and PHP. Contained a simple mini-cms.
Version: 2
A website for Imagination, a party organised by the fifth year of Mater Amabilis. This site was made as sponsoring, and includes also hosting and the domainname.
Website built with: XHTML Transitional, CSS 2, PHP en Javascript for the gallery. Including mini-CMS for the president and a Cronjob to lessen the load on the database. For the third version a design was made by a member of the leaders.
Version: 3



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This site was redesigned by me twice, each time with improvements compared to the old one. This version contains a simple, yet powerfull mini-cms to manage nearly the entire website. It also contains integrations scripted by me between the forums and the site and support desk software.
Built with: XHTML 1.0 Transitional, PHP, self-written CMS.
Version: 3
This site was redesigned by me and Jonas Wattel. It's quite basic, but they planned (are planning?) to expand this later on.
Built with: XHTML 1.0 Transitional, PHP
Version: 1



Screenshot: Short Description
Adding an anti-spam security (as seen in our forms) and adding an extra emailfield. (PHP & HTML)
Making a guestbook, contactform and the base of the URL parameters (PHP, HTML en CSS). The site was also hosted on our servers. Offline as the presidum changed.
Website tweaks (admin part, guestbook (custom), order form, online catalog) for the Mini Enterprise Tprint (Already stopped again) in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.