Who/what is Wforums.net?

Wforums.net is a "shelter name" for Willem Van Iseghem. It's a name I ever thought of and ever since I've used it as front page for several projects of me. I started designing websites since my 12th and since then I only gathered more and more knowledge. I still study, so it remains a hobby for me.

And further?

To get your webdesign at full capacity you can register a domain name (12 extensies) at the price we buy it (more information at Domainnames). I will make a website with much pleasure for you (W3C valid ofcourse) that is optimalised for search engines (better known as SEO) besides the valid code. The usuability is also implemented into an attractive design. If you require more information you can contact me or visit Webdesign.

To finish...

We hope you found all information you wanted to find, but if there are remaining questions you can take a loook at the Frequently Asked Questions (with the answers) or contact me.